EffluxTV Refund and Return Policy

Thank you for fulfilling your entertainment needs Efflux Media Hub. We look forward to helping you fulfil these in the most cost effective manner availble to you present and future. 


Should you feel you need a refund, Efflux Media will  only issue refunds for un-activated services/subscriptions within 48 hours of the orginal order for any reasons.

Any refund granted within or after the 48 hours grace period will only be after all troubleshooting steps have been completed and documented through email or chat with an Efflux Media Hub advocate.

Efflux Media will recommend every customer signs up for the trial of our Hub subscription service to ensure the services fits all of their entertainment desires and needs before purchasing and all purchase returns are subject to a restocking fee.

Efflux Media will recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues with our Hubs at support@effluxmediahub.com . Or you could also start a Live Chat 7 days a week 8am-1am. 

Efflux Media will not refund any order that is placed on a major event weekend. The 48 hour policy is not applicable to these accounts allthough customer service and technical support can correct any issues should you experience them.

Please note all Efflux Media Hub subscription customers will have the option to renew simple and fast through email and text options. 

With Efflux Media Hub Servers there is never a commitment to our services needed or fees for canceling/pausing your Hub subscription. Just reach out and let us know and one of our advocates will get you taken care of quickly. Any refunds granted to an active account will be subject to a time used credit and a full refund may not be granted based on the ammount of days used from the account.