Now that the world knows it’ll be a standoff between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl LIII, we can safely make some predictions for the big game. The stage is set for a February 3rd showdown, and some 114.4 million viewers will tune in to their streaming services.

The ultimate sporting event in America consisting of 20 franchises is yet to mark another great episode. In the 53 year history of this tournament, Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most times (6), with New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers following close behind with 5 wins each.

Would it be a 6th win for the New England Patriots or a first-time victory for the Los Angeles Rams? Let us speculate.

Who Gets the Most Touches?

We’re split between C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley, but are leaning specifically towards Anderson—and for good reason. Anderson hasn’t been part of the Rams for two months and has already become the go-to runner on the team. Todd Gurley is a pro at what he does but even he could only muster 23 touches—against Anderson’s whopping 40. Gurley might even be hurt from that drop in the NFC Championship game, and that naturally creates more avenues for Anderson. What’s for sure is that McVay clearly trusts Anderson, and so do we.

Who Gets the Winning Drive?

Whenever people set out to predict things for the Patriots, this one is the easiest to muster: it’s going to be Tom Brady, of course. Because hey, doesn’t it happen every time anyway? We know that no Super Bowl can ever be boring with New England in the league, and especially when it comes to Tom Brady taking the spot.

Who Gets the Winning Drive

And in the best games involving Brady, it’s always the final moments which become definitive. Everybody expects Brady to win, even the haters (wait, he has haters?!). Now let’s look at the Rams and their defence—the NFC Championship exposed them and showed how one pass interference call saved them. Brady on the other hand is well known for crushing even the greatest defenses. It’s painfully obvious that he can break through the rams’ horns and into the ring with ease and expertise.

The Golden Pair: Edelman and Gronkowski

Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are the veterans who stand tall at the Patriots’ end. With a total of 19 games between them, played as a pair with excellent performances to their name, they hardly look as old as they are. Edelman’s 3 catches were what galvanized Patriot’s move into the Super Bowl. Gronkowski also helped save this season for New England with his third-down catch.

The Golden Pair - Edelman and Gronkowski

These also happen to be the two players with whom Brady feels most at home, and has been playing with them since 2010 as part of the same lineup. For every game, the average for Gronkowski has been 70 receiving yards whereas Edelman bagged 196 yards in the two Super Bowls preceding this one. Atlanta is definitely up for some explosive football.

Aaron Donald vs New England Patriots

We know that the New England defenses are almost impenetrable—almost. They’ve faced the Chiefs and the Chargers, but they’re yet to face the new force in town: Aaron Donald. Where 41-year-old Tom Brady has faced multiple sackings in a game, 27-year-old Aaron Donald looks promising as the newer, younger blood with a chance to shine. His offensives have helped the Rams ram into opponent defenses, and prospects certainly look good for him. We believe that Donald will outdo Brady when it comes to trespassing the scrimmage line—and perhaps then our audiences will rejoice with the hashtag #NotAllDonalds.

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