For years now, TV screens have seen a plethora of true crime shows come and go. From following mob culture to drug rings, from homicides to police investigations, from serial killings to mass murders, kidnapping to robbery, hijacking to courtroom shenanigans, there’s a treasure cove of true crime simply waiting to be explored.

People’s obsession with crime shows like True Detective, Dexter, and others has spilled out into the hunger for the cold stuff in the real world: and the fodder is duly provided by true crime shows all over TV.

Find out about some of the best true crime shows on TV that you, as a true crime enthusiast, need to be watching right now.

Forensic Files

A show styled in the form of a documentary, Forensic Files stays true to its name. The focus is on forensic science and how clever lab work and the wonders of science lead to the solving of some serious crimes. From confounding accidents to plagues and unspeakable crimes, there’s nothing that science can’t find out for a fact.

Cold Case Files

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True to its name, this show focuses on cases long forgotten and never solved—also referred to as “cold cases.” The legal docu-series digs up these cases and uses advanced forensic science to solve these dead nuts. Sophisticated technology such as DNA testing, which was not part of investigative procedures before, is used to shed light on these confusing cases. Other modern techniques, such as criminal psychology is brought into the mix as well.

Homicide Hunter

Homicide Hunter follows the journey of Colorado police detective Jospeh Kenda, now retired, on his many cases. An Investigation discovery original, the show has been running for long, entering its 5th season so far.

Unsolved Mysteries

This show differs a little from regular true crime shows as it investigates paranormal occurrences to check them for criminal activity.

In fact, it is the paranormal segments from the show that have led to its popularity, especially among young adults.

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Focusing on disappearances, the show is one of its kind, as it revolves around unexplained and mysterious disappearances. Some of these cases, by the end of each episode, are solved; while others remain in the limbo of cold cases.

America’s Most Wanted

The hype that surrounds this show is real and well-earned. 20th Century Fox’s longest ever running show, this series ran for a whopping 23 years. The show identified, detailed about, and profiled high-profile fugitives and criminals. The range of crimes extends from white collar crimes to rapes, child molestation, murder, and more.

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